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 The rules.

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PostSubject: The rules.   Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:21 pm

Welcome to XZWSports! As you can see its a nice looking site. But surely it has a down side right? Well, i wouldn't call it that but there are things you can't do here or in the Stream chat.

Rule No.1

No foul language. The last thing we need is people posting around stuff thats just not appropriate.

Rule No. 2

No rascist comments. Racism will not be tolerated at all in this forum and any one who posts rascist comments will be banned for life.

Rule No. 3

No talking back. So you do something wrong and you get given a warning. If you think a certain warning by a moderator or an Admin then PM them explaining why you think your warning was unfair. If they say that the warning was just and you are still 100% sure that it was an unfair warning, Contact me or the Main Administrator.

Rule No. 4

Don't bump old topics. So you see topic that interests you but you see it hasn't been posted in for more than 4 weeks. Don't post in it. Instead make a new one. Obvioulsy not the exact same as the one you saw but i'm sure you get the point.

Rule No. 5

Don't spam a thread. If you see a thread saying "My favorite football player." Don't go in and post "Hi everyone." or "I like wrestling." Stay on topic. Other examples of spam include random pictures or random talk like "naiufhauiedfiajjdioasd"

Rule No. 6

DO NOT ask to be a Moderator or an Admin. Ok, so you want to help us out by making the forum clean and safe, but don't ask if you can become an Admin or Mod. If we feel we need new moderator we pick the ones that have been helpful and haven't broken the rules.

OK thats all the rules, please obey them and have fun! Very Happy

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The rules.
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