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Welcome all to XZWSports please register if you already did thank you. enjoy the site and be active.

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 Welcome Everyone!

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PostSubject: Welcome Everyone!   Mon Jul 27, 2009 3:00 pm

Hello! Welcome to SportsTV-HD! Its a lovely looking site isn't it? Well you can thank the Main Admin (it says Admin but hes called Danny.) for this lovely skin. Anyway, If you have just clicked on this site for the first time you are probably wondering what it is, right? Well this site is a lot of things. Its a place to talk about football, wrestling or even your favorite games. You can also talk about the songs that melt you heart (The cheesy meter just hit the uber range.) Or debate about the facts and myths of life. You can also just go to the general talk to discuss anything outside of these topics.

OK, so I'll introduce myself. My name is K.b.....Obviously its not my real name but thats what everyone calls me and so should you. I live in Nothern Ireland, (not a brilliant place but not bad.) My favorite team is Liverpool. (boo all you want) I also love wrestling.

But enough about me, Lets move onto you. If you have already registered then thanks cheers If you have not then why don't you? I know this place is quiet now (Going by what date it is when i wrote this.) but soon it will be blooming and will be very busy. Also, i hope you will be nice enough to read the rules and follow them. I may seem laid back but if you break one of the rules i'm gonna have to come down on you like a ton of bricks. Ok, So you have read all of this but i'm sure some of you have some questions. thats why we have created a question section. Don't be shy to come in and ask something. Even if its a question that has an obvious answer don't worry, Only Moderators or Admins like myself are allowed to answer the questions and eveyone will be answered with honesty and will not mock you.

So, Today is, i suppose, the official opening of SportsTV-HD. Please register if you haven't and lastly welcome. Wink

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Welcome Everyone!
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